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Meet Nataly Vergara, Customer Support Specialist at SafeSize

Meet Nataly Vergara, Customer Support Specialist at SafeSize! Nataly is passionate about building strong relationships with our customers around the world and providing tailored solutions to meet their needs. Nataly’s positive attitude and customer-centric approach make her a valuable member of the SafeSize team.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey so far

I’m a Colombian woman full of passion, dedication, and love for what I do. My journey at SafeSize has been wonderful so far: I have learned tons, I have met people with charisma and a high level of commitment and I’m working with professionals who excel in what they do and share their knowledge to see others grow professionally. I’ve been immersed to a new world linked to fashion and retail, which is one of my passions!

As part of my Technical and Customer Support role, the relationship you build with customers is unique and extremely important for success and future growth, so it means a lot to me when I see customers trusting and appreciating our SafeSize solution.

What do you love the most about being a SafeSizer?

What I love the most about being a Safesizer is that I’m part of a family that puts people first! I enjoy being part of an international company where we can learn from different cultures and contribute towards our company’s growth. I’m amazed by our innovative solution and the results we deliver to our footwear customers around the world. It is great to be part of such dynamic and innovative organization and I’m very proud to a member of the SafeSize family.

Which SafeSize value do you connect with the most?

I identify professionally and personally with the value ‘Be a force for good’. It’s a value that involves a lot of responsibility but ultimately is linked to a lot of satisfaction. I believe that when things are done in a positive way – with heart and with respect to people around us and when combined with knowledge and willingness to work hard, success will come and a great example is Safesize.

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