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Personalized Shoe Advice With Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to shopping advice, personalization is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s at the core of customer experience.

For shoe brands and retailers, delivering such a personalized customer service is important not only to drive engagement and build loyal relationships with their customers, but also to make sure that the shoes they sell are comfortable and prevent injuries.

Personalization Is All About Customer Preferences

Multiple components of personalized shoe recommendation are taken into account when using a 3D foot scanner, such as size recommendation based on unique foot geometry and model recommendation based on specific wearing habits.

However, it is important not to neglect a very important aspect of personalized advice: personal preferences. Depending on what we are used to, some of us prefer to wear our shoes tighter or looser, so the same fit of a shoe on a foot may feel more or less comfortable to different people.

And this is what makes personalized shoe advice so difficult. But once again, the right technology can help in overcoming this challenge.

The Power of AI in Personalized Shopping

SafeSize addresses all three components of personalization and puts them into one equation thanks to its AI-powered software embedded in the 3D foot scanner. Based on the digital customer profiles created in-store, the self-learning algorithm:

  1. Matches the unique foot geometry with the world’s largest shoe database – overcoming significant challenges related to shoe size inconsistencies
  2. Selects the right model based on walking/running patterns and sports habits
  3. Learns about personal preferences via real-time feedback and adjusts the recommendations based on user’s input

The result? Ultimate personalization and a WOW shopping experience that leads to satisfied customers leaving the store with confidence that they bought the perfect shoe for their needs!

Wondering how you can deliver such a unique, personalized customer experience in your store? Contact one of our specialists today and join a network of retail innovators such as Decathlon, Intersport, Xebio, CCC, eObuwie, SportXX, Humanic, Hotter Shoes, Torfs, SportsDirect, and others.

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