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SafeSize helps millions of people find the perfect fitting shoes in physical and online stores using 3D scanning technology powered by a self-learning recommendation algorithm.

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Matching people with shoes that fit

3D foot scanning

Our proprietary 3D foot scanning technology analyzes the foot anatomy to reconstruct the exact foot shape and detect detailed foot dimensions including length, width, height and girth.

Our patented technology is available in stores using the best-in-class 3D foot scanner or via a self-scanning mobile app.

Perfect fit

For sports, fashion and children footwear

Receive advice for every sport

Our shoe recommendation algorithm takes into consideration functional characteristics of each model to recommend the perfect pair of shoes for over 20 sports, including running, football, basketball, ski, outdoor, golf and many others.

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different kinds of sports

Combine fashion with comfort

Our system provides significant value for fashion shoe brands and retailers so that they can recommend shoes that not only look great, but also feel great.

Predict foot growth for children

Our recommendation algorithm for children recommends a healthy fitting shoe and includes a foot growth prediction for up to 12 months for children from the age of 3 to 15 years old. This feature allows parents to feel comfortable purchasing the shoes, knowing they are making a safe choice for their children.

World’s most complete omnichannel solution

Using a combination of in-store and online products, we bridge the gap between online & offline shopping for a seamless 3D fitting experience. Digital profiles allow customers to use various channels to shop confidently. Anytime, anywhere.

ScanMate 3D

In-store solution performing static and dynamic foot analysis. Within seconds, customers receive a report on their unique 3D foot anatomy and walking or running patterns – followed by ideal shoe recommendation from a store’s assortment.

FitMate 3D

Let customers buy their ideal shoes wherever and whenever they want. Using a product suite of online tools, the 3D foot scanning process and the personalized shopping journey can be completed online.


Our global presence

We want to leave our footprint in the way shoes are produced, sold, worn and discarded. We are active in more than 45 countries and have already helped over 16 million people worldwide find the best fitting shoes .

Step into retail innovation

Increase customer conversion and loyalty through consistency across all touchpoints and meet customer expectations in the fast-changing retail landscape.

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