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About us

We are on a mission to leave our footprint in the way shoes are produced, sold, worn and discarded.

3 major issues

sparked inception of SafeSize

People get
injured wearing
the wrong shoes

Customers are often driven by wrong decision criteria and end up selecting the shoes based on price, brand or color, disregarding fit and comfort.

At SafeSize we help people find the right shoes to increase comfort, improve performance and reduce injuries.

retail is transforming

Omnichannel retail is here to stay.
We bridge the gap between in-store and online retail by creating a personalized, data-driven, unforgettable yet seamless shopping experience for every customer anywhere, anytime.

Shoe retail supply chains harm the environment

Outdated supply chains in footwear retail result in excessive shoe production and cause unnecessary waste.

Our solutions reduce product returns and help retailers optimize their inventory and production creating more sustainable supply chains.


What we care about

Think big, start small, learn fast
We are endlessly ambitious but we will not be put to sleep by our dreams. We will not hesitate to step into giant shoes, but make sure to walk the walk, one step at a time. We have high standards and execute on the details. We stay curious and keep on finding ways to learn and improve ourselves.

Together we create an environment where people can continuously grow on both a professional and personal level. In our quest to innovate, we are bound to make mistakes. We do not hide our mistakes, but acknowledge them and are okay with misjudgments, as long as we learn from them.
Foster passion and fun
What do great teams have in common? They are passionate about what they do and have fun doing it. We see fun and passion as two core ingredients of a successful team. We encourage our people to find their passion within work and try to create a fun environment for our team, so everyone can excel.

We do not ignore our feelings when we feel unhappy, stressed or unchallenged at work, but discuss things openly to resolve this together.
Take ownership
We encourage people to take responsibility as if they own the place. When we start something, we follow through to the end. We turn ideas into actions and trust our own judgment in making the right choices. We work from an intrinsic motivation to get things done!

We do not toss things over the fence. When we encounter issues, we do not look away, we solve them.
Build trust and lend a helping hand
We work on building and upholding trust, so we can rely on each other. We act autonomously, but we are there for each other when help is needed. We create a safe environment to ask for support, keep an eye out for each other and proactively reach out where needed.

When things don’t go as planned, we do not point fingers but reach out a helping hand instead. In the end, the result of the collective is what counts.
Be a force for good
We strive to leave a positive imprint on our planet and its people. We recognize that doing good is rarely the easy option, but we are willing to put in the work, because we value the outcome. We do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

We do not focus on quick wins that harm the bigger cause. If need be, we sacrifice short-term success for long-term impact.
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