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Meet our team

Our people first philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Afroditi Iliopoulou

Accounting Manager
A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.

Alexandros Karykas

Web Developer
Passionate about nature, mountains, running and software.

Angelos Stavrakis

Founder & CEO
I am a People-First Entrepreneur, inspired by curious minds with a good heart.

Annalisa Iuracà

Corporate Recruiter
Passionate about people, fluent in self-irony and an avid traveller. Let’s grab a coffee over a nice chat!

Anže Gregorič

Software Developer
I might write too long emails and reports, but I will listen to what You have to say.

Barkin Atasoy

Technical Project Manager
Technical stuff done with joy!

Björn Schirrmeister

Head of Sales - DACH
Success comes with fun, great teamwork and understanding for each other, in life and especially at work.

Cansy Zhang

Customer Support (technical) & Success Specialist - APAC
Live in the moment, create boundless possibilities.

Carol Hollemans

Account Manager Northern Europe
The shoe must go on!

Cathy Ruiz

Sales development Rep
Driven by making every day a memorable journey.

Chryssa Benopoulou

Chief Marketing Officer
Change maker. Passionate about bringing people, technology and creativity together to solve the problems of now, while exploring the next and imagining the beyond.

Clémence Peralta

Head of Sales & Operations Australia/NZ
My secret to create a memorable customer experience is to jump in their shoes.

Daniel Weigandt

Product Owner
Always looking to improve our software, always up for a joke, always up for football & beer!

Debbie van Veen

Chief People & Culture Officer
Self-proclaimed GTD nerd, energized by meeting new people and furher expanding and building our amazing team. Let’s have a coffee and a chat!

Dr. Damir Omrčen

Head of AI, Data & Engineering
Make the Impossible Possible.

Dr. Tomaž Kolšek

Innovation Manager
I am making everything new.

Elsa Garyfallou

Executive Assistant
Keep calm and let the Executive Assistant handle it!

Ema Florjančič

Data preparation and footwear scanning expert
Driven by curiosity.

Erika Koren

Head of Scanning Process
Making shoe recommendation better, one shoe at a time ; )

Farnaz Heravi

Delivery Success Manager
Here to manage success!

Federica Baldin

Delivery Success Manager
Be added value, and do your best to make a positive impact.

Hannibal Wang

Head of Operations Asia
You think it, we make it.

Hung Pham

Customer Success Specialist
Always going the extra mile for our customers.

Jeffrey Meijer

Business Development Manager
Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.

Jernej Vodopivec

System Engineer
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

Kaisa Kuusik

Operations Manager
I will get it done!

Marija Tratnik

All problems are solvable.

Marko Koren

Senior Backend Developer
Need an integration? I’m your guy, let’s talk about it over a glass of brandy.

Martas Garbatavicius

Sales Coordinator
I have high attention to detail, I will make sure your sales process goes smoothly. I might look serious but it’s never a dull moment to crack a joke, try me!

Martin Kempkes

Chief Commercial Officer
“It’s not the strongest, nor the most intelligent species that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to CHANGE.” … this quote keeps me running all my life.

Mary Papadaki

Group Brand Manager
I am passionate about creating digital brand experiences that tap into pop culture and create lasting impact to consumers.

Marzena Studniarska

Chief of Staff
CEO’s sidekick by day, yoga guru wannabe by night.

Melvin van Burik

Product and delivery manager
You name the sport, I know all the details, the rules, and what shoes you need. After all, I practice sports at least 8 days a week.

Miltos Kakkavas

Financial Project Manager
I’m inspired by the quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Myrto Lazaridou

Delivery Success Manager
Let’s find together your “best fitting” solution!

Nataly Vergara

Customer Support Specialist
No tricks needed to have magic.

Nikos Markolefas

Full-Stack Engineer
I’m passionate about shipping cool stuff and writing clean code!

Niranjani Karthick

Finance Accountant
Let’s talk numbers.

Patricija Kapun

Data preparation and footwear scanning expert
The right data in the wrong hands can be dangerous. But luckily, it’s just me – the right person with the right data.

Poly Gousia

Finance Administration
You only have to know good English, good manners and good Excel.

Rania Markantonatou

People Officer
You can achieve anything when you have the right people there to support you.

Roel van der Wielen

Strategic Account Director - APAC
Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships.

Rok Kravanja

Junior Back-end Developer
In need of help? Here for you.

Roman Kolar

Junior Software Developer
Jack of all trades.

Samuel Seisay

Office Manager
Integrity, commitment, perseverance and humility are ladders to a higher height.

Sašo Perc

Head of Technical Support
Well, I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.

Sven Cobben

Chief Product Officer
Passionate about creating the future of footwear retail.

Takis Tolias

Chief Financial Officer
Striving to improve every day, work hard and enjoy life.

Tasos Karavalakis

Strategic Account Director
Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you wake up…and have fun! : )

Tina Vidić

Head of QA
Problem is just a negative word for a challenge.

Tomaž Košmrlj

Senior Software Engineer
Make things work.

Željko Cvetić

Technical Support Specialist & QA Engineer
I get my best ideas when everybody else is asleep.

Zigy van Scheppingen

Product Owner Online
Being well prepared is half the work to be done

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