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In-store solution

ScanMate 3D

Analyze the 3D foot anatomy and walking or running patterns of customers to provide the most accurate shoe and insole recommendation.

How it works

Create your digital profile and select from a wide variety of shoes suggested just for you. Find the shoes you like according to fit score and get your exact size recommendation. Get the full omnichannel experience and use your digital profile also for online shopping!

Step 1

Create your profile in 3 different ways

3D foot scan
Perform a 3D foot scan in just a couple of seconds and obtain your personal 3D foot passport

Dynamic analysis
Use a pressure plate to detect your walking patterns and pronation type

Sports Profile
Personalize your sports profile for over 15 sports with information about your habits, preferences and discomforts

Step 2

Select the model

Select your perfect pair from our virtual shoe wall! 

Get a personalized recommendation based on a vast database of functional shoe characteristics. 


Step 3

Find your perfect size

ScanMate provides 3D fitting advice for your selected shoes based on your personal profile. 

Foot growth simulation for up to one year available for children aged 3 to 15!

Unlock your

WOW customer experience

Digital profile creation

Digital sales assistant

Sales conversion

Shopping with confidence

Uniform sales approach

Stride 3D foot scanner

Most accurate measurement

Most accurate measurement of multiple dimensions of both feet available on the market

Fastest full 3D scanner

The fastest full 3D scanner on the market – scans both feet in less than 2 seconds

Small footprint (< 1m2)

Requiring no more than 1m2 of space, the Stride easily fits in even in a small store

Easy installation

The Stride can be quickly and easily assembled and installed directly by store staff


No need for manual calibration: the Stride performs daily auto-calibration procedure to always ensure accurate measurement

Remote support

SafeSize offers remote support available 7 days per week for questions and troubleshooting

Pressure plate

Precise gait analysis

Most accurate way to perform gait analysis and determine walking / running patterns

High density of pressure sensors

Precise plantar pressure measurements with 4,000+ (0.5m pressure plate) to 12,000+ sensors (1.5m pressure plate)

Multiple sizes to fit every space

Available for small and large spaces – with length of 0.5m, 1m or 1.5m


Plug-and-play solution connected directly to the Stride by a USB cable

High speed scanning

Scanning rate of 300-500 measurements per second

The importance of performing a dynamic analysis

Read more about the importance of performing a dynamic analysis