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SafeSize’s key success factors: Team, Technology & Culture

Angelos Stavrakis, SafeSize Founder & CEO, in an interview about innovation and entrepreneurial success, highlights the importance of ‘finding real solutions to real problems’ and talks about the 3 factors that have played a key role in SafeSize’s international success.

“We are a technology company on a mission to transform the way shoes are produced, sold and bought. With offices in The Netherlands, Slovenia, China and Greece we work with the biggest footwear retailers in the world and have helped more than 20 million consumers in 50 countries find the perfect fitting shoes in both physical and online stores.

Starting a new company is not an easy task. It is a very challenging but at the same time rewarding process and there are several factors that contribute to a company’s success. SafeSize’s success is based on 3 key factors:

Our team: We have a people-first philosophy. We truly care about our people and we hire people that share our company’s values and are team players. This is the reason why we have managed to work in harmony with our international team which consists of 18 nationalities, across our 4 offices.

Our technology: We have developed a real tech solution, to a real problem (how to find the perfect fitting shoes), in a global and constantly growing market. We have developed the most complete, omnichannel virtual fitting solution and have the biggest database of inner shoe dimensions in the world. Our technology innovation is what has set us apart from competition.

Our culture: We foster a culture of innovation which means we are always willing to try new things and we celebrate our mistakes as they are the best opportunities to learn. We encourage our teams to take initiative, we operate on a global level and believe we can make a positive impact in the world!

For anyone who wants to make their business idea a reality, I would recommend that they focus on finding real solutions to real problems, bringing a competitive advantage to the market and be willing to constantly innovate and adapt to market needs.”

Thank you Eleftheros Typos and Ioanna Fentouri for the great interview.

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