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World Day for Safety and Health at Work: What it means for SafeSize

On this year’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work let us all be responsible to ensure our working environment is safe, healthy and a place where people can thrive!

Debbie van Veen, our Chief People & Culture Officer, shares her views on what a safe & healthy working environment means for SafeSize and her tips to stay healthy no matter where you are working from!

People-first culture

At SafeSize we have a people-first culture which is weaved into all that we do. We aim to build a driven team of SafeSizers and an inspiring place to work, learn and grow. Our people’s health & safety is our utmost priority!

Foster passion and fun

One of our 5 cultural values is ‘foster passion and fun’ which guides our actions. We strongly believe that in order for people to be productive and enjoy their work they need to feel safe in their workplace, feel free to speak up, share their ideas and surround themselves with an amazing team of diverse people with whom they can have fun, laugh and get inspired! Laughing and sharing ideas can lead to fresh energy and better human connection!

Practice mindfulness

We encourage our people to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Practicing mindfulness offers a way to pay attention to the present moment and focus on how you are really feeling. Mindfulness breaks can create a welcome moment of relaxation during a busy workday, help clear the mind, increase focus on what deserves attention and reduce stress. The busier you feel you are and less time you think you have for a mindfulness moment, the more important it is to create that time for a checkin with yourself.

 Healthy habits

We provide healthy breakfast, lunch and vitamin-packed snacks for our people to enjoy, on a daily basis. It is important to eat healthy at work because what you eat directly affects your performance, focus, creativity, mood and energy levels.

Inspiring & ergonomic office design

We have designed our 4 offices in Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Athens and Shanghai with our people in mind and have adapted the workspace to suit their needs and activities. We have created spacious common areas, focus areas, workout rooms and outdoor spaces that our teams can use throughout the day. Proper office ergonomics, including sit/stand desks, help our teams stay safe, comfortable and be more efficient.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy, stay safe!

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